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JK Rowling

July 31
"I  had an old typewriter and a big idea." ----  J.K. Rowling
Joanne Rowling (Born July 31, 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England)
Ms. Rowling famously bestowed her birthday on her hero, Harry Potter, and her room at the hotel has proved extemely popular. [Rowling
replaced Poe, a room everyone wanted to look at, but no one wanted to sleep in.....something about the pendulum suspended over the head of the bed....wusses.]  At any rate, this room is decorated with every detail that the Harry Potter fan could wish for.  The only birthday gift I could possibly contribute was an owl soap dispenser. 
 My Guest Journal Entry:    Happy Birthday, J.K. Rowling !  I'm here in this room tonite to celebrate your birthday and your amazing literary creation and the fabulous room that has been created for you here at the one and only Sylvia Beach hotel.  I'm sure Sylvia would have been a champion of yours, particulary as your wonderful novels have actually been banned from some libraries.  She was always a fan of controversy.  At any rate, you are my second author as I return to my favorite hotel to write my book.  Go to:  www.birthdaysatthebeach.com   In a year or two there will be a finished product and you will be Chapter 2.  --Kelly Paige.
P.S.  As your birthday present, I've left the owl soap dispenser.  Hope you and Hedwig like it.